2017 Officers & Directors 

President:  Stacey Bare
1st Vice President:  Michael Cunningham
2nd Vice President:
Todd White

Treasurer: Alan Brindle
Membership Secy: Alan Brindle
Directors: Stacey Bare
Alan Brindle
Jennifer Cunningham
Michael Cunningham
Kelli Dreher
Anita Noebe
Jill O'Hara
Todd White
Alexandra Wingfield
Points Secy: Alan Brindle
Last updated Sunday, February 12, 2017
Calendar picture for DECEMBER 2017

2017 Show Season ASHAO Jackpots
in addition to the Annual ASHAO Show
Blue Ribbon Springtime Classic
Dayton Charity
Delaware Riding Club Randolph Fall Classic
Pink Ribbon Classic Charity Heartland Fall Spooktacular
See our NEWS page for what classes
at these 6 Shows will be Jackpot classes

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or by phone after 3PM ~ 330-278-2417
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